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24 Sep 2023
Today's event
  • Humanitarian Worldwide
    Nuclear Test Ban Day
    Today is the anniversary of the signing of the Comprehensive #Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty! #CTBT at @UN in 1996
  • Political Guinea-Bissau
    Independence Day
    24 September is Independence Day in Guinea-Bissau and celebrates their #independence from Portugal in 1973.
  • Political New Caledonia
    New Caledonia Day
    New Caledonia Day marks the day when #NewCaledonia became the overseas territory of France on September 24, 1853.
  • Local Thailand
    Mahidol Day
    Mahidol Day in Thailand on 24 September commemorates the passing of Prince Father #Mahidol Adulyadej, the "Father of Thai Modern Medicine".
  • Political Cambodia
    Constitution Day
    Constitution Day on 24 September in #Cambodia was established to celebrate the signing of the Cambodian #constitution by King Sihanouk.
  • Political Peru
    Armed Forces Day
    Peru marks Armed Forces Day on 24th September.
  • Local South Africa
    Heritage Day
    Heritage Day in South Africa on 24 September is a celebration of their #culture and diversity. #heritage
  • Local Dominican Republic
    Las Mercedes Day
    The Dominican Republic celebrates Las Mercedes Day, a Catholic holiday in honor of Our Lady of #Mercy, Patroness of the #DominicanRepublic.
  • Political Trinidad and Tobago
    Republic Day
    Trinidad and Tobago celebrate the day they became a #Republic on 24 September. Republic Day