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24 Apr 2021
Today's event
  • Political Gambia
    Republic Day
    24 April is Republic Day in the Gambia, Africa - a #republic within the Commonwealth of Nations today since 1970
  • Political Nepal
    Democracy Day
    Democracy Day (Loktantra Diwas) in Nepal on April 24 commemorates the restitution of the Nepal House of Representatives in 2006
  • Political Niger
    Concord Day
    Niger marks Concord Day on 24 April and commemorates the peace accords ending the Tuareg Rebellion in 1995
  • Humanitarian Armenia
    Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day
    Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day on 24 April in Armenia remembers the #Genocide took place in the Ottoman Empire during the World War I
  • Humanitarian Worldwide
    World Day for Laboratory Animals
    World Day for Laboratory Animals - 24 April Raising awareness about #animal testing & the use of animals in research